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About tobycurtis

How would I describe myself? Post graffiti abstract expressionist. Is that pretentious enough? I wrote graffiti for a number of years. Now I'm kind of getting a kick out of trying to translate the movement and energy of that work into the much smaller confines of canvas, free however of the confines of painting letters. I love paint, in itself, spray paint especially. I love the colours, vibrance of the pigments and variety and diversity of marks you can make with the bewildering array of products available since graffiti's commodification. Recently i have also started to apply acrylic and emulsion with brushes to add further depth and texture to the layers of colour. My work is an unashamed celebration of paint, paintings and painters. Science, nature and music. My most accessible analogy i think is that i paint instrumental music, essentially meaningless but done in beautiful colours and with just enough style to be pleasing to look at. I have always sought to express simple lines as abruptly and spontaneously as possible so as to capture the visceral aspect to actions as they occur in nature. Organic yet systematic. All items included are one off, original, hand painted works of art that I'm open to offers for as far as purchase is concerned. Paintings that are declared as being in a private collection have however obviously been sold. Please if you have any thoughts or queries feel free to contact me through this wordpress page, or my private email or number if you have them. Word, i think that's about it, hopefully I'll hear from you soon, peace. Toby.

Chasing Shadows


Spray paint, acrylic and marker on cradled wooden panel, 900 x 610mm, 2016. £230.